Can you relate to any of these realities?

  • You’ve been more down lately, and have been pushing depression or sadness away but that’s not working so well.  You work hard to manage your life and carry on, but you realize you can’t keep going on like this.
  • You’ve become snarky, downright mean or shut down to some of the people nearest and dearest to you.  This tends to happen when certain situations push your buttons.  It doesn’t change anything and makes things worse.
  • You’re anxious a lot of the time. You often feel like a fraud and worry you’ll be “found out.”  If something goes wrong you assume you’re to blame. Making a decision for yourself or taking a stand on important issues scares you.  You’re smart and capable with good insights, but part of you doesn’t trust you’ve got what it takes to work toward your goals.
  • Illness or death are affecting you.  Or a dream of yours has died and beliefs you relied on may have shattered.  You feel disoriented and grief stricken but also aware you have to face this.  You understand now how short and precious life is.
  • You’re living the “should” life – catering to real or imagined demands of family, friends, church or community.   Working so hard to fit in means you don’t really know yourself or end up hiding parts of yourself.
  • Childhood wounds or a recent trauma or difficulty are distressing you.  The painful memories persist and affect your ability to enjoy life and the people you love.
  • You think or know you are highly senstive and want help understanding, accepting and making the most of this trait.  Read more here.
  • Until now, life has mostly gone your way but now you’re facing a personal crisis of some sort.  You’re a master planner, organizer, and hard worker but you’ve hit a wall – a situation you can’t control or power through and this is disorienting to your sense of competence.

I work best with those who have the following values: 

  • committed to learning about yourself and your most significant relationships
  • willing to focus on yourself rather than insisting that others change
  • willing to look beyond quick fixes to slower but fundamental change
  • committed to work hard and stay the course, while also being gentle with yourself
  • interested in learning new ideas and trying new actions
  • believe life can be rich and precious in the midst of sorrow, disappointment or upheaval

My approach works with adults aged 24 and older who are able to attend regular sessions for at least three months, often longer.

Can my approach really help?  You may be wondering…

Click to read about some actions you will likely need to take to move out of chronic anxiety, depression, or relational conflict.