I help motivated adults whose painful problems or challenges are interfering with full, vital living –  and who are willing to learn, work hard at their own healing, and take responsibility for their lives.

If this describes you and you have  challenges or concerns in the following areas:

  • depression, anxiety, grief, or burnout
  • confusing, painful or difficult family or relationship issues
  • cross-cultural living and adjustment, including re-entry to one’s passport country
  • women’s stage of life issues: parenting, infertility, mid-life, menopause
  • life transitions – both planned and unexpected
  • eating or body image problems

I can assist you in understanding/gaining perspective on your unique situation, recognizing, believing in and using your strengths, getting through a difficult time, learning new skills, and feeling stronger, better and healthier.


As a licensed clinical social worker/mental health specialist, I provide collaborative individual and family assessment, psychotherapy and consultation.


Email:  brenda@hartmansouder.com